At Shameless Entertainment, our number one goal is to deliver an array of extremely talented artist and produce the highest quality of entertainment for you,…the client and your audience. Shameless Entertainment was established in 1996 as Shameless records, specifically as a comedy record label. With interests in diversifying into producing live shows, on-camera projects, and tours, we changed our name to shameless Entertainment, Inc in 2000. Our commitment to excellence leads us down the trail of “quality”, not “quantity”! We are selective in nature and that shows in the talent we hand select, as well as the projects we choose to involve ourselves in. We only use seasoned professionals who’ve appeared in films and television, who perform at Fortune 500 corparate events, open for the biggest names in show business, and headline for all the major cruise lines as well as comedy clubs.

Shameless Entertainment wants to create memorable events that keep your costomers coming vack time and again. We are professionals working for professionals. Our performers truly understand and respect the opportunity to entertain “you”. By getting to know your organization’s personality, we aim to provide a “custom fit” that is distinctive in style and is oh-so entertaining! We want to cultivate and build long lasting relationships with our clients that grow and strengthen over time. Our unique hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail aims to deliver an original entertainment experience that not only fits your needs, but also guaranteed to leace a lasting impression. We believe our vast experience in many aspects of entertainment gives us a wide scope of knowledge and understanding from both the “performer side”. as well as the “production side”, that separates us from the pack and is unmatched.

Shameless Entertainment offers a variety of entertainment packages as well as all of the promotional materials you need to create a classy evening of high-powered entertainment! Whether it’s producing comedy, music, acting, voiceover, or writing projects, our goal is to
continually build a reputation of trust, respect, reliability, integrity and be the “consmmate professionals” that Shamelessly Promotes High Quality Entertainment!