Some doctor’s say, “A glass of wine a day is good for your heart”. Others say, “Laughter is the best medicine”. We say, “Why not the best of both worlds”?

Our goal is to elevate and enrich the “wine experience” with the ultimate pairing of “vintage wine” and “finely aged comedy”. Our vast experience and commitment to excellence inspires us to create a unique and flavorful entertainment blend that adds value to each winery and their fine wines.By delivering more joy and laughter to each table, we hope to pour a memorable marriage of “sips and giggles” that dances on the palates of wine conosuerrs for years to come.


Shameless Records, Inc. was formed in 1996 as a comedy record label. With interests in diversifying into producing live shows and on-camera projects, we changed our name to Shameless Entertainment, Inc. in 2000. “The Sips and Giggles Comedy Tour” was formed in 2010, and is the brainchild of Comedians’ Vince Valenzuela and Brad Upton. With over 50 years of stand-up comedy and entertainment experience between the founders, they understand that like food and wine, you need to pair “the proper comedian with the right winery audience”.

Philosophy and Vision

Comedy and wine are more similar than they are different. They are both the ultimate expressions of their maker and both have to grow in the right environment to be successful. Like a great wine, it takes a visionary and years of hard work to cultivate a great stand up act. It’s truly is a labor of love that is not a sprint, but an endurance race. It’s lived and breathed on a daily basis. It’s starts with a seed of an idea that is carefully tended to, nourished, experimented with, and at times, obsessed over in order to find the perfect combination that is original, bold, and compelling. The meticulous attention to detail results in a refined, distinctive style that seems effortless to the consumer, but oh-so entertaining and enjoyable!

Shameless Entertainment uses only the top professionals in the business, with no less than 20 years of experience. There’s no scenario these comedians haven’t dealt with. They know how to be hilariously funny without being offensive. Remember, “The Sips and Giggles Comedy Tour is Red, White and not Blue”! Our comedians have appeared in numerous television shows and films. They perform at Fortune 500 corporate events, open for the biggest names in show business, and headline for all the major cruise lines and comedy clubs. They truly understand and respect what is appropriate in a winery setting. Shameless Entertainment understands you run a business and the audience are your customers. We only use seasoned professionals and we want to provide the best “custom comedy fit” for your mature and appreciative audiences. We want to take the time to get to know you and your winery’s personality. To cultivate a relationship and understand what your entertainment tastes and needs are in order to bring highest quality of entertainment to your establishment.Our vast performing/production experience, our attention to detail, and our “hands-on approach”, sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

Shameless Entertainment offers a variety of entertainment packages as well as all of the promotional materials you will need to offer your loyal wine lovers a classy evening of great wine and laughter!

Entertainment Packages

In a perfect world, we envision a tour that would several nights in a row. As an example, the tour could start on Wednesday in Yakima Valley, Lake Chelan on Thursday, Tri-Cities on Friday, Walla Walla on Saturday, and Spokane on Sunday. By stringing consecutive nights together, this will provide an opportunity for each winery to lower their cost per show and it also makes it easier to book the acts. It will be entirely up to the individual wineries to set their ticket prices, as you know your audience better than anyone else. Ticket packages may include; 2 glasses of wine, wine and appetizers, a bottle of wine, dinner packages, dinner and room packages, etc., the combinations are endless.

One Headliner This is one headliner performing an hour long show. Perhaps the happy hour could begin at 7:30 and the show could begin at 8:30. The One Show rate, plus one night’s accommodations. Besides special events, this price would be the highest per show cost. If two or more nights can be booked concurrently, the price will drop by a fixed rate per show, per winery.

Two Headliners—this is two headliners of equal status, both doing approximately 45-60 minutes shows each. In a 2-person format, Shameless Entertainment prefers to use 2 comedian of equal caliber, not the traditional opener/headliner format. We want the powerful 1-2 comedy knockout punch! The 2 person show rate, plus one night’s accommodations per comedian. If two or more nights can be booked concurrently, the price will drop by a fixed rate per show, per winery.

One Headliner/One musician —a guitarist/vocalist would play for one or two sets, followed by an hour long headlining comedian.That will add the musicians fee, the One Headliner price, plus accomodations.If you are already working with a musician that you’re happy with, we’re open to that. If you work with a local musician, you may get at a better price.

Theme shows Build a theme, and the comedians will come! Devise a hook or theme for your show! Ex. Grown in Washington with Washington comedians, Dry wines/Dry comedians, Ladies of Comedy, Legends of Comedy, The Couples Show, Comedians With Kids, or a Comedy Festival…whatever strikes your fancy. You come up with a theme and we’ll match the comics. Pricing will depend on number of comedians and if multiple venues are inserted in the tour.

Comedy Series Show Packages This type of entertainment package could be applied in a weekly format, bi-weekly, once-a-month, or on a quarterly basis. The various types of shows and themes would still apply, but would be a great way to establish continuity and build your audience of “comedy and wine lovers”! Pricing will depend on number of comedians and if multiple venues are inserted in the tour.

Multiple Comedian Format This comedic package usually involves 3-5 comedians and could also be applied in a comedy series format, ie. bi-weekly, once-a-month, or on a quarterly basis. The various types of shows and themes could still apply and offers a powerful array of comedic talents. Pricing will depend on number of comedians, length of show, and if multiple venues are inserted in the tour.

Multiple Wineries Comedy Night or Festival One location with multiple wineries involved. This can bring with wine community together with the comedy community with shared costs for the wineries. This event can take on a number of looks: A One Night, All-day, or 2-day festival. The venues could be big or small with multiple comedians and perhaps a “Major Star” as part of the show. Start small, start big, or build an event for the future! As an example: Walla Walla’s Wineries Presents “The Sips & Giggles Comedy Festival”, “The Lake Chelan Winery Comedy Festival”, The Yakima Valley Chamber of Commerce presents “The Sips and Giggles Comedy Festival”. Pricing will depend on size, the length of the festival, number of acts, and talent roster involved. Multi-performer shows are great fun for everyone!

Mock Comedy Competition Who will be named the “Your Winery Stand Up Comedy Champion of 2011”? For example, 6-8 headliner comedians will perform shorter sets and compete for prize money. The performances will be voted on by the audience and/or a panel of judges and the winner will be announced at the end of the show. Comedians are happy to participate in these event, providing they all get the same amount of money, or the champion gets slightly more (and a case of wine)! Pricing will vary depending on how many performers and who we’d bring in. JFYI….headliners love working venues where they can hang out and spend time with their fellow comics whom they never get to see or work with!

*Pricing sheets are available upon request.